A: Generation Y provides an inclusive and fun approach to the development of fitness, health & vitality, as well as nutritional education and awareness for Kids-Tweens-Teens. There is no requirement that children be engaged in sports to accomplish the goals of physical activity. They can come to Generation Y to interact with peers through fitness & nutrition classes, games, dances, and much more!

Q: Why Generation Y?
A: Children need to be active for optimal health, but many are leading very sedentary lifestyles due to TV, computers, video games and the lack of physical education in many schools. You can swap your child’s TV time for a fun 60 minute class of physical activity every day here at Generation Y. They will also have the opportunity to socialize and communicate with their friends and peers during these classes instead of through texts & iphones which is often the norm in today’s society.

Q: Who is Generation Y For?
A: Generation Y is for Kids-Tweens-Teens. We do not have a minimum age for our classes because we are open to all school aged children. We do expect parents to understand though that for most of our daily scheduled classes, their child needs to have the maturity and attention span to stay focused and listen for 60 minute duration.

Q: What Will My Child Be Doing During Generation Y Programs?
A: Generation Y offers fun, non-intimidating, non-competitive fitness program combining strength and cardiovascular exercises in structured, supervised formats. Our fitness program is designed to allow each child to reach his/her optimum fitness level quickly and safely.
During boot camp classes, we will be using equipment such as battling ropes, hula-hoops, trampolines, dumbbells, boxing and much more. Every session is unique, they will be engaged in new games and activities to stimulate mental awareness and enhance health & wellbeing.

Q: What is the Registration Process?
A: You have two options! Go to the Registration Page and fill out the online forms or feel free to stop in and see us. If you are signing up your child up for a class online, payment MUST BE submitted immediately via credit card. All of our forms are available to either submit online or print out ahead of time. You will only have to register your child ONCE. (Each sibling must have a separate registration form.) These forms help us to better understand your expectations; get to know your child’s needs and ensure everyone’s safety. We appreciate your cooperation in advance.

Q: What Do We Need to Bring to Generation Y?
A: Just your child in comfortable clothing and athletic sneakers preferred. We have all the tools for fun & activity! In each fitness area there are water coolers available to your child at no cost. We also have drinks and snacks for sale at all times as well as water bottles. For you and your child’s convenience pick up a Generation Y Debit Card.

Q: Where is Generation Y?
A: Our facility is located at 60 LaSalle Road in West Hartford Center. Click here for a map & directions.

Q: How Often Does Generation Y Meet?
A: Your child has the opportunity to come to classes every day after school & all day on Saturday and Sunday. To maximize the benefit, it is important that kids arrive on time. We are also open during all school holidays and have EXTENDED SUMMER HOURS –

MONDAY – 8am – 8pm
TUESDAY – 8am – 8pm
WEDNESDAY– 8am – 8pm
THURSDAY– 8am – 8pm
FRIDAY– 8am – 12am
SATURDAY– 11am – 12am
SUNDAY– 11am – 6pm
During SCHOOL HOLIDAYS we are open on the EXTENDED HOURS schedule above.
Every Friday and Saturday we have our DINNER WITH A MOVIE series. These nights we are open until 12am and will be serving GIANT Subway grinders.

Q: How Long Can My Child stay at Generation Y?
A: FOREVER! Just Kidding, on any given day you can register your child for one class/one hour or for a block of classes equal to you and your child’s needs. On school holidays and weekends our schedule will vary to accommodate children who are choosing to spend their days with us! We do ask that you let us know in advance so we can plan accordingly but will do our best to accommodate your needs on short notice as well.

Q: What is the Cost (Investment in my Child)?
A: Typically all 1 hour classes cost $10.00. All other specialty classes and events costs are outlined under the Classes section. Note: Each year, at your request, we will have a form ready with all of the information your accountant will need including our Federal Tax ID# and the total amount of money spent at Generation Y for that year. For current tax year, credit up to $3,000 maximum is available.