Parent's Night Out

Who needs a babysitter when you have us on your team! Parents go out and have some FUN! Your kids will have the time of their life at Generation Y. You can ease your mind and have fun knowing that your children are not just hanging around at home waiting for you – but they’re having fun, too! Parents be on the lookout for our Friday night and Saturday night events every week.

Every FRIDAY and SATURDAY night from 6:00pm - 12:00am we have our Dinner with a Movie series. Each night there will be movies shown, one G rated for the younger kids and a PG/PG-13 movie for the older kids. Before eating dinner (they can bring their own food or we can order in) they will enjoy free time to play Ping Pong-Pool-Air Hockey-Wii-XBox, sing Karaoke and play many other Generation Y favorites.They can stay for the entire evening or you can pick them up at any time. If you have an event or just need some extra time, you can always sign them up for some classes prior to 6:00!

This event is $10.00 an hour and Don't forget we have an Awesome Sibling Discount Program! Each sibling is 50% off! So drop off the kids and enjoy your free time. YOU deserve it!

Parents must make a reservation at least 24 hours in advance