Our Team

Erika Johns

Founder and Director of Generation Y

Erika knows that Generation Y can fill the gap that today’s parents and kids have. Kids need a place where they can learn fitness & exercises, feel safe to discuss hot topics like bullying & internet safety, while also learning other important life skills and having fun. Parents need time to themselves now more than ever in order to be the best parents they can be and we all know that is not easy to get. Generation Y is here to save the day, whether it is for a few hours a week afer school, Friday or Saturday date nights or during the school holidays-We are always here for you!

Erika founded Generation Y on this belief and based on the need she saw for her own daughter to have a safe place where she can go anytime to meet new friends, learn ways to lead a healthier happier life and just have fun! Growing up in Texas, Erika first discovered her ability and love for sports and fitness. While attending Rumsey Hall and Loomis Chaffee here in Connecticut where she played Varsity Soccer, Softball, and Volleyball, she also discovered her love for the East Coast. After returning to Texas to attend Texas Tech University she decided to come back to the East & move to West Hartford permanently to raise her daughter here. While working in Connecticut in the Real Estate field, Erika decided to start her own successful Real Estate Company. Along with her passion for owning her own business and her daughter, she also thrives on helping other people especially kids. Nearly 2 years after starting her own company she made another big commitment and joined the Big Brother/Big Sister Organization. She is a proud Big Sister to a 13 year old young lady named Brittany. Initially it was just to make a positive impact on Brittany’s life by showing her how she has overcome huge obstacles in life to become the strong confident businesswoman and mother she is today but now Brittany is considered part of her family. She has also been involved in the West Hartford community for years by volunteering her time at her daughter’s school, coaching WHGSL softball, and much more. After discussing West Hartford's need for a place for our kids with other parents it was decided, she was going to make it happen. It was then that Generation Y was created. The name is derived from birthdates ranging from 1983-2003, the generation that follows Generation X.  Generation Y is said to have the highest obesity rates in history and lack the most basic of life skills. Erika wants to change those statistics and change the lives of our children for the better!