Generation Y Debit Card

Here at Generation Y, it is our primary goal to teach kids how to live a healthier and happier life but at the same time we are also here to teach them as many life skills as we can. Our Generation Y Debit Card cards works in 2 ways:

  • DEBIT CARD - It is very important to teach this generation of kids how to budget their money. For example: If you put $50.00 on their card for the week, they can come in and buy 3 classes, a snack, and a drink each visit, and still have some money left over for a Water Bottle. Then the following week they know that they can use their Water Bottle to take advantage of Water Bottle Wednesdays and take 4 classes instead. The possibilities are endless and we want them to grasp the independence they desire while learning some life skills along the way!

  • GIFT CARD - You can purchase a card with any monetary value added and give it to someone.