Grand Opening!

July 1st – 12:00 – 5:00
Please join us on July 1st
for our Grand Opening from 12:00pm – 5:00pm.
We are going to have a raffle with 2 Grand prizes including a $250.00 Generation Y Debit Card and a Generation Y Gift Basket valued over $200.00. (Tickets – $1.00)
We will also have Balloons, Special Guests and Prizes given away all day! Take advantage of all our Grand Opening specials before classes start Monday, July 2nd @ 8:00am.
Note: Dinner with a Movie starts Friday, July 6th & Saturday, July 7th – Don’t miss out.
Be Prepared to have alot of FUN FUN FUN!
We are now booking birthday parties for June, July & August. Don’t forget to sign up your child now for our awesome Summer Programs. It will be a SUMMER to REMEMBER!
July 14, 7pm
Beach Party!
School is finally over! Come see what our monthly themed Dances are all about. This month June is about celebrating the end of school and the beginning of an incredible Summer. To attend the dance, you must be dressed in Beach/Summer attire – no, shorts and a tank top don’t count! We want you to get creative; there will be an award for BEST COSTUME.
Generation Y Dress Codes:
For girls, we will not allow bikini tops, extremely short shorts/skirts, or bare stomachs.
For boys, we want to make sure our pants stay up and shirts on.
We want everyone to have a great time, so please make sure to read over our RULES & EXPECTATIONS and sign up now!
Space is limited, so RESERVE your spot today.
At all of our dances, there will be snacks and drinks available for sale. If you would like to submit your idea/theme for one of our future dances, please feel free to email us or contact us on Facebook.
Pre Grand Opening Sales
10% off Generation Y Debit Cards and Birthday Parties Booked.
Buy One Get One FREE T-shirts
Hiring Now!
Summer Staff
Call us today to set up an interview. Please bring your resume and availability with you. We look forward to meeting you.
Generation Y Debit Card
Here at Generation Y, it is our primary goal to reach kids how to live a healthier and happier life but at the same time we are also here to teach them as many life skills as we can. Our Generation Y Debit Card cards works in 3 ways:
LOYALTY CARD – Here at Generation Y we value our customers. Every time you or your child swipes the card we keep track of your purchases and award you with special bonuses. For example: In June we will be awarding the following – 1 free class for each 10 classes purchased!
DEBIT CARD – It is very important to teach this generation of kids how to budget their money. For example: If you put $50.00 on their card for the week, they can come in and buy 3 classes, a snack, and a drink each visit, and still have some money left over for a Water Bottle. Then the following week they know that they can use their Water Bottle to take advantage of Water Bottle Wednesdays and take 4 classes instead. The possibilities are endless and we want them to grasp the independence they desire while learning some life skills along the way!
GIFT CARD – You can purchase a card with any monetary value added and give it to someone.